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Nowadays, ROCH carries out the exploration and exploitation of Río Cullen, Las Violetas and Angostura areas (Tierra del Fuego); Cajón de los Caballos (Mendoza); Sur Río Deseado East area(Santa Cruz); Campo Bremen / Océano and Chorrillos/ Palermo Aike (Santa Cruz) and Coirón Amargo (Neuquén).


ROCH production reaches 720 m³ of oil per day and 2.070.000 m³ of gas and associated GLP per day, with more than 181 productive wells. The total surface of the operated areas is more than 5.820 km².

New technological developments and relevant exploratory discoveries have given ROCH participation in “Petróleo Plus” and "Gas Plus" programs, approved by the National Secretariat of Energy. Thus, ROCH is situated within the group of leading companies dedicated to the integration of new oil business which satisfy the growing energetic demand of the country with national production.

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